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Meet Dove

Posted by Dove Chen on

Dove is the mind and maker behind Grey Roasting Co.
As well as being a 2-time NZ Barista Champion and representing the country at the World Barista Championships, Dove holds expansive knowledge about what it takes to thrive in the pumping hospitality scene.

We sat down with Dove and asked him a few questions.

1. You're a lover of coffee, whats your go-to order? 
You’ll see me with a flat white, filter or a batch brew. Simple done well wins every time.

2. The secret of 'good' coffee? 
Consistency, balance and quality. If you can combine and uphold those three elements you are onto something very special.

3. What motivates you? 
My biggest motivator is my desire to learn and always beat my personal best. It's all about mindset and development.

4. What makes you happy? 
I am a happy person, mostly because i find happiness in the little things.
A tidy space, a good atmosphere, enriching company, intricate details, the list goes on.

5. Whats your 2024 resolution? 
To grow Grey in new and exciting ways, focus on quality and development, learn more, make good memories and celebrate all the talents of the people that surround me.