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Boring Barista Oat Milk Box (6 x 1lt)

Boring Barista Oat Milk Box (6 x 1lt)


Boring Barista Oat Milk is a little bit different. It's designed for people who drink coffee for the taste as well as the pick-me-up. And if you're a Grey Roasting customer, then that's you! 

What do we like about it? It's NZ made - with NZ grown oats (similar products are nz grown, but processed and packaged overseas - how do you figure that?!) It has a lovely creamy texture, and the flavour is sweet and subtle - it's not too "oaty". The result is a balanced milk-based beverage.

What does that all mean though? Really... 

It means you can now enjoy plant-based milk in your coffee without it tasting like, well... plants. We called Boring Milk. They said "you're welcome."*

Please note, due to it being heavy and large, we do need to charge freight on this item.

*None of what we've said here has been endorsed or approved by Boring Milk.