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Wahana Jantung, Indonesia - Grey Roasting Co

Wahana Jantung, Indonesia

Wahana Jantung, Indonesia


This Indonesian coffee is the gift that keeps on giving because it's flavours develop in a really satisfying way as it ages. When it's fresh you'll taste some really vibrant green apple and citrus notes, but over time you'll also start to discover more stone fruit flavours - especially peach! We've also been loving its refined acidity and juicy texture.

Coffees from this part of the world are pretty underrated a lot of the time. We promise you, this chameleon is one to savour. You'll find that no two days of brewing are quite the same!

Granny smith apple, citrus, cocoa.


V60 Brew Recipe:
(This recipe is suitable for all our filter coffees)
Ratio: 1: 16, 15g coffee : 250g water at 94C
Brew time: 2:20 - 2:30
Between pours: 10 - 15 seconds

1st Pour: 50g 30 seconds
2nd Pour: 100g
3rd pour: 150g4th Pour: 200g
5th pour: 250g