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Panama Finca Nuguo Series, Anaerobic Natural - Grey Roasting Co

Panama Finca Nuguo Series, Anaerobic Natural

Panama Finca Nuguo Series, Anaerobic Natural


Finca Nuguo, owned by Jose Manuel Gallardo, has a lot of history with Dove having supplied his coffee for his barista champ campaigns. Dove was introduced to José by Ria through Instagram, slid into his DMs and has had a great friendship since.

José is dedicated to researching and trying new processing methods to improve coffee quality. He's also very open-minded to experimenting with micro-lots for Dove's processing requests.

Dove has visited the José family and Finca Nuguo in Panama and José flew to Seoul and Boston to support Dove at the 2017 & 2019 WBC.

The farm is unique as it only grows the Geisha variety and is separated into 5 growing areas, each with a unique microclimate. This coffee is from the high elevation(1950m.a.s.l.) lot called Colubre. The cherries are picked when perfectly ripe and have slight differing attributes due to different pick dates. We’re selling various dates and it's very interesting to taste the difference from this minor variation.

We are super proud to be able to source and serve these amazing coffees.

This coffee is Anaerobic Natural processed and it's pick date is 19 Marzo 2021

We think it tastes of mango, green grape, raspberry, orange, lime

(Please note: these coffees are roasted to order and may take an extra day to process)