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Gisanga, Rwanda, Anaerobic Natural - Grey Roasting Co

Gisanga, Rwanda, Anaerobic Natural

Gisanga, Rwanda, Anaerobic Natural


Really looking forward to sharing this coffee with you all! It's super smooth and velvety, but with really wild and interesting flavour notes and a surprisingly clean finish. There's lots to enjoy here, but we're especially loving the tropical vibes - with passionfruit, plum and grapefruit flavours coming through particularly strong.

Just in time for Spring!
Begin your part two of 2022 with this revitalising coffee.

V60 Brew Recipe:
(This recipe is suitable for all our filter coffees)
Ratio: 1: 16, 15g coffee : 250g water at 94C
Brew time: 2:20 - 2:30
Between pours: 10 - 15 seconds

1st Pour: 50g 30 seconds
2nd Pour: 100g
3rd pour: 150g4th Pour: 200g
5th pour: 250g