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Bonde, Kochere

Bonde, Kochere


This beautiful coffee is grown near the town of Chelelektu in Kochere, Ethiopia. The washing station was established just out of town in 2010 and has 28 permanent and 350 temporary members during peak harvest. The name Bonde is the name of a local river. 

A flavour bomb, the natural processing amplifies the fruity characteristics and we taste yellow peach, mango, orange candy and cherry.

V60 Brew Recipe:
(This recipe is suitable for all our filter coffees)
Ratio: 1: 16, 15g coffee : 240g water at 96C
Brew time: 2:20 - 2:30
Between pours: 10 - 15 seconds

1st Pour: 40g 30 seconds
2nd Pour: 90g
3rd pour: 140g
4th Pour: 190g
5th pour: 240g