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Filter Blend - The Taste of Happiness - Grey Roasting Co

Filter Blend - The Taste of Happiness

Filter Blend - The Taste of Happiness


This mentionable filter blend is one to induce feelings of happiness and pleasure. This bright sensory experience begins right from the moment you open the bag and unfolds as you grind.

By blending Panama and Colombia’s happiest crops we have achieved optimal vibrancy and sweetest from these washed and honey processed varietals.

80% Panama (Caturra, Washed)
20% Colombia (Castillo, Honey Process)

Flavours: Peach Tea, Brown Sugar, Banana Loaf


V60 Recipe: 
This recipe is a great starting point for brewing all of our coffees.

Ratio: 15g coffee to 250g water

Water temperature: 96C
Brew time: approx 2m 30s


1. Pour 50g water and allow coffee to bloom. 30 seconds.
2. Pour the remaining amount of water in stages:
   • 50 grams at a time
   • Wait between pours until the water has disappeared just below the surface of coffee grounds.
3. Stop your final pour when you get to your intended yield amount (in this case 250g).

Extra for experts: Try to pour exactly 50g of water in about 10 seconds each time.