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FINCA EL PARAISO, Double Anaerobic Washed - Grey Roasting Co

FINCA EL PARAISO, Double Anaerobic Washed

FINCA EL PARAISO, Double Anaerobic Washed


Sun-dried White Peach, Passionfruit Cider, Raspberry Licorice
Double Anaerobic Washed

El Paraìso farm is located in the Department of Cauca, municipality of Piendamo, Los Arados village. The owner Diego Samuel is dedicated to improving the quality of coffee through experimentation. By adding different microorganisms and yeasts he's able to consistently produce his desired profile.

All cherries are washed thoroughly with filtered water to remove all microorganisms present on the skins. Then the microorganisms are introduced. The level of fermentation is controlled by keeping track of temperature and ph. The thermal shock process, using cold and warm water, guarantees that the spectacular flavours and aromas are absorbed better by the beans.

The results are amazing. Using a common, disease robust variety the coffee is incredibly lively and flavoursome. We taste notes of sun-dried white peach, passionfruit cider and raspberry liquorice.